Big Motors

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Big Motors is not just a classic car and exotic cars dealer, but also a platform offering Connoisseurs and Collectors the opportunity to acquire and sell Classic and European Exotic cars from all around the

As we are based in the UAE, the Middle East is our focal point. Countries such as the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, and Oman are loaded with rare classic cars and exotic supercars, the garages are hiding exclusive and rare well-known brands

For buying and selling, however, there are no platforms that are specialized for such high-value automobiles in the region, Rare classic and Exotic supercars in the Middle East are mostly owned Royals, VIP’s, and High-net-worth individuals, who are very private people.

When it comes to to selling their cars, it is done in a very discreet manner and the cars are never advertised due to a lack of specialized platforms.

Big Motors has come to change that!

The sale of your classic Or or supercar can be offered through our online auction, the buy now division or through our off-market team. Custom-tailored solutions to your specific needs can be offered, just let us know what is required and we will make it happen!

Whether you are looking for a specific car or to sell your collection, our team is on hand to offer our assistance and experience.

Although our platform is completely digital, there is a large team of car fanatics working behind the scenes showcasing your automobiles around the clock to the world.