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Genuine VW Passat Rear Right Outer Tail Light (OEM) – Part Number 561945096F

Maintain optimal rear visibility, legal compliance, and the overall aesthetic appeal of your VW Passat with this genuine rear right outer tail light assembly – Part Number 561945096F. This OEM replacement part is specifically designed for your vehicle, guaranteeing a perfect fit, proper function, and adherence to all legal requirements for rear lighting.

Key Features:

  • Genuine VW Part: Ensures compatibility, quality, and meets Volkswagen’s strict manufacturing standards for safety and performance.
  • Rear Right Outer: Replaces the outer portion of the taillight assembly on the passenger side of your VW Passat.
  • Enhanced Safety & Visibility: Provides clear and bright illumination for brake lights, running lights, and other rear lighting functions, keeping you and others safe on the road.
  • Maintains Legal Compliance: Ensures your Passat meets all legal requirements for proper rear lighting.
  • Restores Original Look: Matches the original design of your VW Passat, preserving its aesthetic value.
  • Easy Installation (Optional): Generally a straightforward process using existing mounting points.


  • Improve your driving safety with proper rear lighting functionality.
  • Ensure compliance with legal requirements for rear lighting.
  • Enhance the overall appearance of your VW Passat.
  • Enjoy peace of mind with a genuine VW replacement part.

Call to Action:

  • Order your Genuine VW Passat Rear Right Outer Tail Light (OEM) – Part Number 561945096F today and keep your Passat safe, legal, and looking its best!
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